About Us

Company History and Goals

WKS Global is an ever-expanding telecoms/renewable energy company formed in 2013.

Here at WKS Global, Health and Safety is paramount in any and all of our projects, but after that our focus is primarily on doing the best job for our client and making sure we get things done right first time, always paying “Attention to Detail”.

Our goal is not only to provide our client with what they require but also to help and give counsel when needed; we always strive to help provide the best solution for our clients.

Based in Carlow, Ireland (HQ) and Kaunas, Lithuania we have an excellent vantage point working from east to west Europe. Apart from working all over Ireland and UK (our home market), our management team and crews also have boots on the ground experience in countries like Egypt, Tanzania, Senegal, Belarus, Ghana and Sierra Leon to name but a few.

We are here to provide assistance with everything from Fibre installations to Wind Analysis campaigns, with WKS Global all bases can be covered. So, if you need a solution for any project in the telecoms/renewable energy sector, give us a call, our management team will be happy to assist you.

WKS Global “Attention to Detail”.

Our Mission

At home, we are focused on helping to provide high speed connections to every home in the country and now more than ever we strive to do our part to help provide sustainable energy world-wide.

Our Vision

To provide “Attention to detail” for every client, to provide counsel and support to every client, helping to build trust and confidence that WKS Global is the number one telecoms/renewable energy solutions company in the market place

Expanding Goals

With the current state of dynamic changes in our market places we constantly concentrate on retraining and further educating our crews. We are constantly looking for new partners and are gaining experience in the latest technologies that will allow us to offer world leading services and products. Both our areas of expertise (Telecommunications and Renewables) are equally prioritised.

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