Renewable Energy

Wind Resource Assessment

Wind resource assessment is the process by which developers estimate the future energy production of a wind farm. Accurate wind resource assessments are crucial to the successful development of any wind farm. We can facilitate these assessments by offering quality installations and products that reach all of the necessary requirements and standards.

Solar Resource Assessment

Solar resource assessment is the basis on which the profitability of a proposed solar farm rests. We provide and install top quality data measurement equipment. A ground station that has been installed to the highest standards is what our clients need for their campaigns and therefore is exactly what they get

Power Curve Measurement

Power Curve Measurement or Power Performance Testing which allows for the comparison between the warranted power curve and the actual. Our masts are installed to the IEC 61400-12-1 Standard and can meet any and all other criteria our clients may have

Data Monitoring

We have the ability to conduct data monitoring on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Any unusual incidences can warn us that a crew needs to respond to investigate the occurrence.

Noise & Bat Monitoring

Short term campaigns for acoustic or noise campaigns to help meet environmental regulations. We install the microphones for bat monitoring and environmental purposes complete with cable and logger.

Site Surveys

Site surveys are necessary before any works can take place. It allows us to understand the potential pitfalls we may come across while we are on site. We also communicate with the client the results of our survey thereby giving the client the security that we have covered all possibilities before works begin

Permanent Tower Maintenance

Important but often ignored, the annual maintenance visit is a climb down, checking the structure from top to bottom and issuing a “Safe to Climb” certificate for the owner of the structure once complete and deemed safe to climb. We can also re-certify most fall-arrest systems during the visit.

Sensor Calibration and Refurbishment

As equipment ages over time, efficiency as well as reliability can decline. We provide a full set of services that can refurbish equipment so that it is returned to as new and latest design condition. If required we can manage the complete cycle including MEASNET, IEC61400-12-1 and DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 based calibration.

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